Efficient and Smooth Running of Sand Making Machine

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Efficient and Smooth Running of Sand Making Machine

Post by onlysunny on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:40 am

In the sand production line, the use of mining crushers makes the sand making of bulk materials easier. The use of sand making machine finally plays a role of shaping the crushed materials. After a sand production analysis, we find some necessary factors that determines the high-performance production. Only by realizing these conditions can we ensure the highly efficient and smooth running of the production of sand making machine.

Here, the experts from Zenith Machinery will introduce the factors that ensure the highly efficient and smooth running of sand maker to you in sequence.

1.In the setting of feeding device of sand maker, we must adopt relatively unified process specifications so as to reduce the difference in the feed grain size to the minimum. In such condition, the running speed of sand maker is very high. Besides, with the increase of inertia, the fluency that the inertia could reach will be very high.

2.The production line of newly high-performance sand maker need control the grain shape. We have adopted incentive-based computer control system to control the grain shape. The advantages of this method is very independent and automatic. If the grain shape cannot meet the requirement, it cannot be gone out of the crushing chamber.

3.In the cavity design of the sand maker, the structural requirement asks us to do just right for the control of the grain shape. Not all grain control theories can be applied to the design of working chamber of sand maker. After contrasting excellent manufacturing process, we find that U-cavity sand maker is the most suitable for this production need.


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