Using magnetic hook the matters needing attention

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Using magnetic hook the matters needing attention

Post by feelys on Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:47 am

No mark magnetic hook is very easy to use and can be used repeatedly, left unmarked , washable, and it applies to any smooth surface.
Description :
An adhesive surface with a clean, soft cloth to keep dry.
2 , the magnetic wall hook , hook out with thumb extruded film . Exhaust air out of the film to ensure close and the wall of the film paste .
4 hook slightly lower strength , if it is firm , it can hang items.
1, to ensure the suspension of the weight of the film must be stable pressure , thereby avoiding the tile gap , the film is completely adhered to the wall is applied .
2, when removing the hook , lift a corner of the film , and tear the film slowly.
3 , please do not hang beyond the loading limit listed on the packaging article
4 , do not dangle the mirror, wall clocks , glassware and other valuables or fragile items ;
5 . Not sitting or lying in bed hanging items. Through off -hook to avoid dangerous.
6 , do not use the hook on uneven , rough or porous surfaces , such as painting walls, wallpaper, wall cores , sand walls and ornate tile wall.
7 , the hook can be used in tile, glass , refrigerators , paint walls, painted wood and other smooth surfaces

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