Brushless rheostat starter motor in a ball on the application of high voltage winding

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Brushless rheostat starter motor in a ball on the application of high voltage winding

Post by feelys on Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:36 pm

The ball mill, crusher heavy or frequent start of production machinery , in order to prevent excessively high starting current impact on the grid , while also ensuring access to large starting torque , usually used motor winding step guide Buck start-up mode ( series resistance , frequency sensitive rheostat ) , starting current limit is reached , the purpose of increasing the starting torque , but wound motor series resistance buck step guide start a traditional boot device is a , carbon brushes, rheostat , AC contactors , relays, etc. over 10 wearing parts consisting of a complete secondary circuit , there are many disadvantages: series resistance buck certain losses, waste of energy : carbon brushes, slip rings, lead to failure due to wear caused by maintenance and repair workload ; secondary circuit wiring connection points , contacts and more frequent contact with bad failure , thus affecting the normal open parking , an increase of hidden faults point . Secondary circuit device is the main reason affecting stable operation of equipment , brushless starter is a variable resistance both to achieve lower startup to ensure stable operation of the complex and can brush off the secondary circuit devices to reduce the failure rate and maintenance work boot device , can solve the shortcomings of traditional boot device


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