Euro Nano Investment 3000% after 12 hours

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Euro Nano Investment 3000% after 12 hours

Post by payinghyip on Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:40 pm

Euro Nano Investment 3000% after 12 hours
We had been working for several years on the investment market offline before the launch of the Euro Nano Investment online project. Well,

we realize how small our turnover was at that time if compared to what we have now by working online. But anyway we got the picture of

investment business in the sphere of nanotechnologies, got new contacts and learned how to select promising venture companies to invest

money in. When we arrived on the Internet 2 months ago, the main challenge was to grasp new business concepts and new business development

rates. Everything is so much faster on the web than in the offline world. Online payments are processed instantly and customers can visit

us and invest in our plans in a matter of minutes, so we are required to have a strong preparedness as well as special services catered to

our customers? needs. When we had the office in Paris, we needed just one phone secretary. Now we have a few specialists working in live

chat only. We also have phone consultants who speak Chinese and French. And we must admit that it's pretty hard to serve so many customers,

though we handle it pretty well now.
Our company has Analytics Department that includes a team of 4 analysts who frequently visit various exhibitions and meet with

representatives of venture companies, so that they can select the most promising ventures when it comes to a high ROI.
we had projects that turned out to be unprofitable. But it doesn't mean that we need to write about them in the way we write about

successful ones. Just like any other company, we try to demonstrate our achievements, rather than our failures. By now, we have more

achievements than failures.
Can you tell us about your investment plans?
Nanotech in Medicine
Investment period: 72 hours
Guaranteed profit: 1000% after 72 hours
Minimum deposit: $1,000
Principal back: return at the end of term period
2) Nanotech in Electronics
Investment period: 48 hours
Guaranteed profit: 2000% after 48 hours
Minimum deposit: $10,000
Principal back: return at the end of term period
3) Nanotech in materials
Investment period: 12 hours
Guaranteed profit: 3000% after 12 hours
Minimum deposit: $40,000
Principal back: return at the end of term period

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